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We maintain your power supply so you can optimize your energy production

We are aware that down time is costly and our goal is to minimize down time and extend the life of your electrical equipment.  We work to promote efficient and continuous operation of your project and overall minimize equipment failures and loss of production.  The best way to offer all of this is with our comprehensive inspection program.  We encompass the entire electric facilities from Towers and Panels to the utility connection point.

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Eagleton High Voltage helped us last year commissioning the 30 megawatt Greenfield Wind Project in Fairfield. Jeff was on-call and ready every time we needed high voltage support. He was prepared for the switching, grounding, and any additional tasks we needed for the project. Jeff was set with all the right tools and always willing to stay longer if needed. Besides being focused on the task, Jeff was prepared with a pre-shutdown site safety tailboard, provided his post switching checklists for the substation records, and was easy going and great to work with.
— Aaron Byron, Field Manager with Dick Anderson Construction
The Musselshell Wind Farm owned and operated by Goldwind Americas is currently using the services of Eagleton High Voltage. Eagleton High Voltage takes care of annual substation and collector system maintenance as well as providing on-call emergency services when needed. Goldwind Americas is very pleased with their performance and thoroughness of work at the site. Goldwind Americas would recommend them for future projects.
— John Bacon, Site Manager with Goldwind Americas
We first contracted Eagleton High Voltage to complete a major substation and feeder line inspections and repairs. We were very pleased with their knowledge, professionalism and expertise. Eagleton High Voltage was able to address all areas of concern in a timely manner, saving us from costly down time. As a result, we continue to use Eagleton High Voltage to oversee and maintain our power supply. We feel very confident in their abilities and appreciate having their support. Gordon Butte Wind is a 10-Megawatt generation project.
— Bryan Rogan, Partner with Gordon Butte Wind